Boiler Replacement

Baxi Boiler Replacement

It is essential to have the correct boiler replacement for your home.

Your new boiler needs to be efficient, long lasting and inexpensive to service and maintain throughout its lifetime.

You can be very confident that a Bookaboiler boiler installation will be delivered with great care and attention by one of our Gas Safe Registered engineers.

They are very experienced with all of the boilers that we offer to our valued homeowner customers.


BookaBoiler Boiler Replacement – How Does it Work?


If you are seeking a quality boiler installation at the right price then you are in just the right place.

Our automated quote tool will give you a fast and fixed price for your boiler replacement job and no sales person will need to call.

This speeds the process up and keeps the price down – which we feel you will appreciate.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Identify the perfect boiler for your needs by answering a few simple questions on our boiler pricing tool which Can be found HERE.
  2. Request your FREE home survey once you have your boiler installation price
  3. We will then call at your property to look things over and make sure that there are no ‘hidden nasties’ that will delay or cause your job to be cancelled.
  4. Once your survey is completed we will make arrangements to install your new boiler promptly and efficiently.

Baxi Boiler Replacement


We’re delighted to say that we work with one of the UK’s leading boiler manufacturer’s Baxi.

We have complete confidence in Baxi and their products have proven themselves to us over many years to be reliable and competitively priced.

We’re happy to let you know that your boiler will have the benefit of an extended warranty backed and managed by Baxi themselves.

This should give you the peace of mind you need when considering a major household purchase such as a new boiler installation.

Your Boiler Replacement Cost


You can have complete confidence that every Baxi boiler replacement offers complete reliability and a competitive fixed and final price.

We will ensure that all required accessories are included in your final price and you can look forward to a quality boiler replacement to enhance your home.

Why Choose BookaBoiler?


BookaBoiler has many years experience of boiler replacement work and we have gathered many positive reviews which can be viewed HERE.

We aslo install many hundreds of boilers and this means that our chosen manufacturer Baxi id committed to us and works with us every step of the way to guarantee quality outcomes.

We’re also keen to learn and provide new ways for you to save money on boiler and heating running costs through the use of innovative controls and systems.

We’re highly trained and well insured and we are confident that we provide the best boiler replacement services across the North West of England.

10 Signs That You Might Need a Boiler Replacement.


Changing your old boiler is one of those things that come to challenge you from time to time.

It’s not a nice thought and nobody hardly ever plans to change their old boiler let alone put aside the funds to pay for it, so here are some signs that might indicate a boiler replacement is just around the corner.

  1. Water Leaks – it might not seem too much to worry about but this could be a sign that your boiler has problems with leaking seals internally.
  2. Low Water Pressure – If you have a combi or sealed system boiler and you are continually topping up your system – look out. This could denote a faulty expansion vessel and that’s generally costly and very often fatal for your boiler.
  3. Pump Stuck – Sealed system boilers and combis incorporating a pump can become inoperable when the pump seizes or just stops working. This will need to be diagnosed by a qualified engineer.
  4. Radiators working but no hot water – This could mean that a diverter valve within your boiler has stopped working and needs attention.
  5. Faulty Thermostat – This might exhibit faults in a number of different ways and is not always a sign that you need a boiler replacement but it’s best to get it checked.
  6. Flashing Fault Codes – It may be that your old boiler features it’s own fault diagnostic system. If you are seeing fault codes or flashing lights call your heating engineer.
  7. Strange Noises – It may be that your system goes bump in the night or worse. Any strange noise coming from your heating system is not good and will need to be looked at.
  8. Radiators Not Working – It’s not a great feeling when you are expecting your heating to come on but the radiators stay cold. This needs investigation as your boiler replacement could be the outcome.
  9. No heating or Hot Water – We hear this a lot especially from customers with boilers of a certain age. You’ll need to call your heating engineer as a matter of urgency.
  10. Kettling Noise – This is not good at all and can be a sign that the heat exchanger in your old boiler is causing problems. Heat exchangers are very expensive and the costs of replacement mean that it’s very often a smarter choice to invest in a boiler replacement.